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#MOM (Member of the Month) OUR SISTER TAMEKA GRANT

I'm a mother of 3 boys (15yo and 10yo twins) and a teacher of 17 years. I'm a bit of a shy rebel and/or an outgoing introvert.

Before I joined, I was in a depression dur to a breakup, the loss of a friend and then the loss of one of my kindergarten students. Through therapy, I got through it all and in the process I learned to put myself first. I also discovered that I like the gun range. I found out about GWG while taking a concealed weapons class that was suggested by a friend. After the first meeting and range day, I felt both a sense of belonging and empowerment. Shooting has become a form of monthly selfcare. I've learned so much about guns, gun safety, proper shooting form, and decision making. Everyone in the group is so supportive. Thank you for accepting weird-old-me to be a part of Girls With Guns!

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